How to Engage Alan

I’m available on either a full-time or contracted basis.

Full-time team member

A full-time member of a team is always my preference. No complacent companies need apply.  If your company is content with the its current volume of business or just wants to maintain the status quo,  I am not your guy.  I’m naturally going to gravitate to building or being part of a a high-functioning team.

My experience allows me to bring value to a company in numerous roles including IT,  Business Operations,  or Customer Success.

I’m also flexible on compensation.  I value the journey I am undertaking and have always been willing to trade salary for a journey I will find interesting or other options such as flex time,  education,  community involvement time, etc.



Contractual opportunities

Not interested in full-time with me?  I also offer contracted, “virtual CIO”  services through my consulting company  H3 Systems, LLC.