About Alan

My journey with computers started in the mid-’70s in 8th grade when my future high-school had an open house. Tucked away in a small room were two 300 baud teleprinters that were connected to a nearby University. It was love at first site and I started hanging out learning Basic and Fortran IV. It’s been a great career ever since.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with a number of great people across a number of industries.  Many of my opportunities have been in the software field; creating solutions for specific verticals.  I have also spent time on the other side of the fence, with ‘end user’  companies who are consuming software and accomplishing tasks.

Within software companies, I’ve been able to work in a number of areas all providing unique focus and experiences,  both on what used to be called “systems” and “applications”.

  • discrete software – software that was installed on premises by Fortune 500 companies
  • SaaS software – cloud and mobile-based software solutions
  • Heath Care software – leading encounters software for Medicaid and Medicare insurers
  • DoD software – a unique world,  DoD software used by the Navy

Gathering this list of my history and categorizing it has been both a joy and sorry. Reflecting back over the companies that have come and gone. They were all “the next greatest” and the “hottest thing” at one point in history.

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I have some resume’s available for download as well.

IT Management Resume

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Developer Resume

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