Industries Served

I have been fortunate to work in a number of industries throughout my career including being a software vendor,  health care,  and home construction.  You can see the complete list here...

Product Hero

My career has included successfully delivering numerous software products to market.  These were fat-client, Android/IOS, and web-based apps delivered as both SaaS and on-premises.  My roles span the entire SDLC   Click here for more details about software products



I have worked in SMB through Enterprise size companies and have been part of numerous startups that became successful exits.   Click here to see the companies I have been a part of.


Community Service

My parents were awesome role models for giving back and I'm proud to continue that legacy.  CERT, WHRO, and REACH are just a few.  See my community service involvement here.


Engage Alan

Alan can be engaged as one of the following:

  • a full-time employee for growth-oriented companies - let's talk about goals and fit before dollars
  • virtual CIO - benefit from my experience without the full-time cost
  • contract employee - IT vendors love to contract me to augment their staff.  you can too

About Alan

My journey with computers started in the mid-'70s in 8th grade when my future high-school had an open house. Tucked away in a small room were two 300 baud teleprinters that were connected to a nearby University. It was love at first site and I started hanging out learning Basic and Fortran IV.