Having a long career in technology exposes one to a number of industries.  Some of these were direct employers while others were customers directly serviced by the company I was working with at the time.


Product Hero

Directly out of college in 1983, my first employer was a software company which produced and delivered an ERP Software product that was used by companies such as RCA and Union Carbide.


Community Service

Growing up in a family that was lower middle-class meant my role models gave of themselves since they had only time of themselves to donate.  It was something I was around and have continued myself.  



As is typical in technology,  my career history spans numerous opportunities,  both established employers as well as startups,  Some were very successful and some ended up as learning opportunities.  Every one was a chance to meet amazing individuals. 


About Alan

My journey with computers started in the mid-'70s in 8th grade when my future high-school had an open house. Tucked away in a small room were two 300 baud teleprinters that were connected to a nearby University. It was love at first site and I started hanging out learning Basic and Fortran IV.



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